Solidarity Forever

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Solidarity Forever!

by Bertha Walker

The full text of the book — free to read. (See copyright notices at front of book.)

Web version — one Web page per chapter.

Web version to save for offline reading — the whole book on a single Web page (HTML file of approximately 690 KB plus 8 MB of image files, etc).

PDF version (Approximately 10 MB. Preface includes background material from this website.)

My Revolutionary Childhood cover

My Revolutionary Childhood

by Bertha Walker

Previously unpublished memoirs of the author's early years.

Magical Place graphic

A Magical Place

by Dale Vagg

Personal memories from the 1940s and 1950s of the "Play Shop" run by Percy Laidler.

Arbitration front cover

Arbitration and the Strike

by Percy Laidler

Pamphlet first published in 1919.